You Think San Diego Home Prices are Flying?


I could have sworn that San Diego home prices were rocketing and must have been setting some kind of national speed record.

California Real Estate Rocks!

But apparently I see things through provincial sunglasses, viewing only what I see in my proverbial and large coastal back yard. This chart shows that California is indeed rocking all records, capturing 7 of the top metro areas in the country with the fastest rising home prices–and San Diego real estate is missing from the lot.

Sacramento, as you can see, leads the pack with a hot 40% increase in the median asking price of their homes in the past year.

They are followed by the Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc region with a close 38% increase in asking prices, Oakland with 31%, San Jose with 29% and San Franciso 26%.

Phoenix was the only non-California contender with its 25% increase in prices, with the final California contender Fresno clocking in with a 22% increase in asking prices.

So how might San Diego home buyers interpret this news?

It’s our biased belief that San Diego real estate beats all the above with its incomparable climate, beaches and locale–and just might offer some of the best real estate bargains in the country!