WOW: San Diego Beats Las Vegas as New Years Eve Destination


by Roberta Murphy

New Years Eve in San Diego
San Diego New Year’s Eve

The news media loves to pound the San Diego real estate market, but glosses over our healthy economy and the fact that San Diego has become a world class destination (remember Golfs U.S. Open plays San Diegos Torrey Pines in 2008?)

For its fourth straight year, has listed the Top 10 Destinations for New Years Eve and for the first time, San Diego makes that list with the #6 spot, pushing Las Vegas to #9.


Other newcomers to the Top 10 Destinations include Dallas-Fort Worth (#7), Newark (#8) and Toronto (#10). The complete list, with prior years ranking in parentheses, is listed below:

1. Chicago (1)
2. Orlando (3)
3. Atlanta (2)
4. Los Angeles (7)
5. San Francisco (5)
6. San Diego
7. Dallas-Fort Worth

8. Newark

9. Las Vegas (6)
10. Toronto

Chicago continues to hold Hotwires Number One spot for the fourth year in a row (because so many Chicago expats go home to visit?)

Now wouldnt it be nice to see this news make page one of the San Diego Union Tribune, or be a lead story for our local news stations?

And even better, why doesnt the State of California pat itself on the back for having three of its cities in Hotwires Top 10 List?

Sometimes I wish my little soapbox had several 10,000-watt speakers¦.