North County Wine Company: Fine Wine Tasting in Your San Marcos Neighborhood


by Eve Sieminski

wine tasting

A Wine Tasting Surprise

Can anything located between a Tom Thumb Nursery and an R.V. Storage facility be worth visiting?

The resounding answer is YES!

The NORTH COUNTY WINE COMPANY is definitely a wine lovers  and wine tasting destination.This North County find stocks over 417 wines, with 207 under $25–and 72 under $10! What more could you ask for? I know, how about a tasting room. North County Wine Company has that too.

Recently, though, this wonderful meeting spot has had some problems with a little expansion they are planning. The San Marcos laws and regulations governing the serving of alcohol state that wine can only be served directly in front of the wine bar. The owners wanted to add a patio area immediately off the bar area in order for their patrons to be able to kick back and leisurely sip their wine in a casual setting. After petitioning the city, they were given permission to expand to the patio, as long as they came up with $3400 just to apply for the permit! It makes you wonder if all those restaurants in “Old California Restaurant Row” had to pay $3400 in order for their customers to be able to sip their drinks on their patios. Regardless, make it a point to visit this fabulous addition to the ever-growing list of unique and wonderful retail destinations in San Marcos. Located at 1099 San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069 760-744-2119 Hours of Operation: 10-8 Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6 Sunday, and closed on Mondays. Right across the street from San Marcos’ “Old California Restaurant Row.”

Go in and enjoy a friendly wine tasting across the street and dine at your restaurant of choice. In the surrounding area you will find Lake San Marcos, Discovery Hills, Discovery Meadows, Cal State San Marcos and the up and coming San Marcos Creekside Development. For more information on San Marcos Real Estate— or if you hear any juicy gossip about our great city give me a call 760-518-2264.

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