When the Tail Wags the Dog


by Roberta Murphy

tail wags the dog

This is usually a blog about San Diego real estate, San Diego activities– and the rants of our writers. But sometimes the tail wags the dog.

Drumroll: I am here to announce that we are no longer associated with Villa Sotheby’s International Realty in San Diego. In fact, Villa Sotheby’s International Realty has dropped San Diego entirely–so it is nothing I am taking personally.


We feel we can offer more stability for ourselves and our clients by navigating our own ship and forming our own real estate company. We have no debt, little baggage, and have enough set aside to carry us through almost any storm.

So we formed our own company. The biggest problem though, was deciding on a name for this new venture.

After many exotic attempts, we ended up settling on the name of our website, San Diego Previews with an explanatory tagline of Previews Luxury Real Estate.

We had always viewed this site as our tail: It wagged and allowed an outlet for our thoughts, discoveries and rants. The tail is usually wagging, sometimes sagging, and sometimes points straight in the air. It was an indicator of what was going on with the body and real estate spirit.

But somewhere along the way, it also became part of our identity, and it just didn’t feel right to come up with an alien name–and feel the obligation to start another site.

So the point of this tale is to explain how we have decided to let the tail wag the dog….

And name our real estate company accordingly: Welcome San Diego Previews Real Estate and the fine talents of Mike Murphy, Eve Sieminski, Scott Murphy, Wendy Barbour, Daruish Abedian–and we hope, Howard Jennings and Ilene Brodsky:-)

Feel free to give us a call at 760-942-9100!