What Germs Do Your Vacuum Cleaners Spread?

Germs in that Vacuum?
Germs in that Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners are meant clean our San Diego homes, but in addition to picking up dirt, dust and mites, most vacuum cleaners can also spread harmful bacteria.

As revealed in this this 4-minute video from NBC’s Today Show, E. Coli, salmonella and other virus-causing entities are commonly found on vacuum cleaner under-bristles and, in some cases, bacteria can be 100 times more concentrated than on a public toilet seat.

The video goes on to give some general rules to limit indoor germ exposure — some more practical than others.  The rules include:

  • Avoid wearing shoes indoors
  • Wash your hands after playing on the carpets and rugs
  • Don’t stop vacuuming

And, of course, having the right hardware can help, too.

If it’s time to replace that old vacuum, start your search online with a discount store like GoVacuum.com or our longstanding favorite, Costco.  Most online sites will have a wider selection than your local hardware store and shipping is usually free.