Vacation Rentals: Hot Spot in San Diego Real Estate?

Del Mar Beach Club Vacation Rentals
Del Mar Beach Club

Carlsbad, CA–With the sour economy and drug-inspired violence and kidnappings in Mexico, more and more Americans are opting for vacations on home soil.

They like the clean beaches of Del Mar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside.  They love the lush golf courses at Torrey Pines, La Costa  and Aviara.  Then there’s the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Museums and Legoland–to name just a few of San Diego County’s attractions.

In addition to our ongoing San Diego Real estate practice, we also manage vacation rentals and are seeing strong reservation activity in this segment of our business. The vacation rentals we manage at Del Mar Beach Club stay booked almost all the time. San Diego vacationers from all over are stunned by the ocean views and love being so close to the Del Mar Race Track, local restaurants and and activities.

The condos at the La Costa Chateaus are also staying booked most of the time. Many of our guests are enrolled in one of the programs offered by the Chopra Center at La Costa Resort, while others simply love Carlsbad along with its beaches, tennis and year round golf opportunities.

Friends with an oceanfront unit at Oceanside’s North Coast Village also report strong vacation rental activity and are staying busy throughout the year.

Husband and partner Mike Murphy and I chat with a number of these visitors, and find that many return to San Diego each year and wouldn’t consider going any place else. Another group might have traditionally gone to Mexico or Europe for vacations, but have decided to play it safe and vacation in the United States instead. They are saving money–and their sense of security.

A number of local parents we know urged their college kids to take spring break at home in San Diego–and compromises were reached with trips to Palm Springs, Big Bear, Mammoth–or cruises where partying could be contained.

None went to Mexico this year–nor will they until Mexican drug violence and kidnappings are under control.

In the meantime, the vacation rental niche in the San Diego real estate market seems to be holding its own–if not actually thriving. This will be a segment of the market to watch in the coming months. If you are interested in Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad or Oceanside vacation rentals, call Mike Murphy at 760-402-9102

–by Roberta Murphy

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  1. I think that marketing San Diego as a travel destination alternative to Mexico is a great option just now given all of the negatives of traveling to Mexico from kidnapping to swine flu. A great opportunity for effective marketing!

  2. Great blog! It's always so nice to be inspired by people who are dealing with nice articles into their blog. Thanks for sharing your post with us..

  3. My grandmom got one house there and she was worried about the falling prices. But in the end she got decent money out of it.

  4. San Diego is a great place to live. If I would retire, will definitely choose San Diego to spend my old days.

  5. I agree that the san diego rental market should be watched closely for the next few months. I have had great success with my investment property there and things only seem to be looking up.

  6. San Diego is a nice spot to surf and have time and have a great a vacation together with your family.

  7. clean beaches of Del Mar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside are awesome and best in U.S as well as world wide beaches.

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