10 Tips for Kitchen Declutter


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10 Tips for Kitchen Decluttering

The Carlsbad real estate market is currently on fire, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the heart of your San Diego home for sale–the kitchen–if you want top dollar or even a fast sale.

I’m always on the hunt for client housekeeping tips that will either help a home sell faster–or simply make the home they have bought more liveable. Introduced to me recently by Southern Colorado Realtor Dena Stevens,  I recently spoke with Sherry Swope with State of Being Organized in Oceanside. Sherry agrees that the kitchen is paramount and offers these tips to help make the heart of YOUR home as eye-soothing as possible:

Please find below 10 tips for decluttering your kitchen when selling your home.

When listing your home and getting ready to move, there are several things you might do to highlight your home’s assets and have less stress in the process.  Start by walking through your home, each and every room, including the garage.  Look at each room through the eyes of a potential buyer.   What will they see when they view your home?  Will they be able to picture themselves living there?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and can turn into a catch-all.   To make your life easier and your kitchen looks it best try these tips:

  1. Go through your cupboards and pantry.  Any spices, food or vitamins/medicines that have expired toss.  You will be glad later that you did.

  2. Are there small appliances you no longer use or never used?  Donate them, if you are not using them, it’s not likely you will start now.  This will free up cabinet space and highlight storage.

  3. Under the sink, if you have old jars, sponges, rags that have seen better days – toss.  Buyers will focus on what they need to and not something that turned into a science project.

  4. Junk drawers, yep those things we all have, time to sort through them.  If you have not used it or don’t know if you would need it, toss or donate.  Collect any spare change and throw away pens that no longer work.  If you have a collection of paperwork stuffed in there, determine if it needs to be kept and if so where it truly belongs.  Then put it there.  If your determine it is trash, throw it away or shred as appropriate.

  5. Keep the counter tops as clear of items and clutter as possible.  Let buyers see the possibilities, not your collections.

  6. Put things away as soon as you are finished using it.  It will save you time later.

  7. Immediately toss or recycle junk mail.  Don’t let it pile up on the counters.

  8. For papers you need to reference frequently, creating a central binder will make it easy to lay your hands on the info quickly and easily.  It is also more attractive than piles.

  9. Use attractive storage containers to contain paper piles.  This will be especially helpful when you need to leave in a hurry for a Realtor showing.  Containers that will accommodate file folders would help to keep your paperwork organized.

  10. Clear off your refrigerator door of your magnet collection, children’s art, postcards.  The clutter on your refrigerator will distract buyers.

    Sherry Swope can be reached via email at sherry@stateofbeingorganized.com or via phone at either Office:  760-429-7219 (non-text) or Cell:  501-517-0738


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  1. I’m so happy that I could introduce Roberta and Sherry. Both are passionate about their professions! I’m sure they will make not only a great team but an asset to sellers looking to clean up around the house prior to listing it to sell.

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