The Latest San Diego Remodel: Staircases


by Roberta Murphy

Older Staircases in La Costa
Older Staircase in La Costa Home.

Latest San Diego Remodel: Staircases

Carlsbad, CA–Over the past decade, there has been a flurry of home remodeling in San Diego County–particularly in coastal areas, where building activity first blossomed. During the last ten years, tile and formica surfaces in kitchens and baths have been replaced with natural stone products, while stainless steel appliances dominate kitchens. Popcorn has been scraped from ceilings and energy efficient dual-paned windows are replacing their single-paned predecessors.

Now, the staircases in 1970’s and 1980’s homes are being replaced.Being torn down are enclosed staircases, along with those stem walls with wrought iron toppers and 2×6 handrails (see photo at right). Some are being replaced because of safety issues that could result in a child’s head could get stuck between the stair rails–or a disastrous fall.

We had the opportunity to interview San Diego’s original staircase replacement expert, Gregg Kuzara, who happened to spend a few days in our home performing his wood and metal magic. He explains that because of the advancement in tools, technology and trade that what might have cost $30,000 (or much, much more) just 15 years ago can now be had for perhaps $10,000.

Where once wrought iron staircase pickets had to be handcrafted, they can now be largely manufactured offshore. Cordless tools, computer drafting and other construction advances have made staircase replacement far more efficient–and far more affordable, than we had imagined. Count on teardown and reconstruction taking at least a week–and probably longer.

The results, though, might add an entirely different dimension to your home. As we show homes throughout North San Diego County, it is easy to see the difference newer wrought iron, railings and woods can make to older barriers. And finally, this article has nothing to do with what we are paying for our staircase replacement. Consider this a heartfelt and unpaid endorsement.

Would we recommend Gregg Kuzara and his San Diego staircase replacement services? We would–in a heartbeat!

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  1. Wonderful house looking. Every body likes beautiful things. Staircases is more beautiful than others. Definitely it is example of latest model.

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