They Went WAY Beyond Their “Jobs”.


There are many Realtors that can buy or sell real estate, but very few that are as dedicated and knowledgeable as the Murphy Group. They not only have the insight and experience to evaluate the value of the property, but suggest specific ways to increase the value and appeal to prospective buyers.

Their marketing techniques not only exposed our La Costa property to as many potential buyers as possible, but also attracted qualified buyers. We interviewed many Realtors and never felt the same overwhelming confidence as we did with them. Many Realtors promise the moon and stars, but very few can actually deliver–they Did and more! They simply were just- Better.

The proof was very evident. Our property sold sooner than the others in our neighborhood and for a higher price. In addition, their fees were lower! We were so impressed that we hired them to help us buy our new home. That’s where it got even better. Anyone can screen houses that meet your basic criteria, but you need more. You need a team that can look beyond the statistics into creating real value.

Mike and Roberta not only found our dream house, but at a lower price than we expected. They went WAY beyond their “jobs”. Their true passion for what they do sets them far above any other Realtor we have ever met. We honestly did not know that this level of customer service existed and it showed in every step of the process. Because they have the resources of a team of people, every step was handled easily and efficiently. Each member of the team is a specialist within their own function- and it shows!

My advice to anyone looking for a Realtor- don’t be swayed by promises, go with results. If you don’t interview the Murphy Group, you are missing out on what is lacking with the other 99% of all other real estate professionals. In a nutshell: Knowledge, experience, passion and the resources to make the whole process stress-free and fun!

Thank you all so very much for helping us achieve the reality of our dream house.


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