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Moving to San Diego!

Carlsbad, CA–Local discount movers, Jerry and Kirstie Berzanski have been kind enough to share 7 moving tips that may benefit some of our San Diego real estate readers who are preparing for a San Diego relocation. All are valuable tips– and ones that could result in huge savings in your home move:

You Have More Control Than You Know on The Cost Of Your Local San Diego Move
Secrets from a Professional Moving Company on How to Save Money!

When you are moving in San Diego, make sure that don’t spend any more money than you need to on the cost of your San Diego movers and moving supplies. The good news is that you, as the consumer, have more affect on the cost of your local move than anything else. We hope these five tips are helpful in saving you money on the cost of your move.
#1 Tip to Save Money- Hire a local San Diego mover, versus a big van line.
Local San Diego moving companies are licensed to move within the state, many of which specialize in moving certain cities like San Diego. These local San Diego moving companies offer their moving services by the hour and generally run a lot less than big van lines burdened by higher overhead costs.
Since local movers charge by the hour, most companies do not have a person come to your house to give you an estimate. (Long distance companies charge by the weight and need to visit your home.) If you are moving locally, you will save a lot of money by hiring San Diego movers like Discount Movers where you pay by the hour.
#2 Tip- The speed of the moving company will save you the most money
Local movers charge by the hour. Therefore, the faster the movers are, the less you will pay. When reading reviews, look for reviews that talk about movers who are fast and efficient, MORE than looking only at their hourly rate. One company can have an hourly rate of $75 an hour, but if they have movers who will take all day to do the job, you would be better paying $150 an hour and having it take only 3 hours. You want to go with a company that has low rates that are similar to others in the industry and guarantees licensed and experienced San Diego movers who are FAST and efficient.
#4 Tip- Be completely packed in sealed moving boxes BEFORE your movers arrive
Being ready before your movers arrive is such an important tip for saving money on the cost of your move when hiring a professional, local mover. If a San DIego mover shows up to your home and you don’t have your moving boxes packed, clothes are scattered all over the floor, and they have to move items around your house to walk through rooms, your move will take longer. Not being ready can literally increase your moving time by hours, while being ready will save you a lot of money resulting in a much shorter move.
#5 Tip- Order your moving boxes online with free shipping, versus buying them from the moving company
Most local moving companies will sell you moving boxes if you are hiring them to pack your home. However, you will be spending more money to buy these boxes than if you ordered them online. A good source to order professional quality moving boxes on-line at 25%-35% less than movers is Moving Box Delivery. Go to moving boxes for more information.
#6 Tip- Empty all of your drawers, and take out all appliances from cabinets
Many people forget about packing the items in their drawers, china cabinets and television stands. In order for movers to transport these items, they must be empty. Don’t waste money while the movers are there, empty and pack your furniture before the movers arrive.

#7 Tip- Before you start packing, go through your entire home and donate or sell items you no longer use

We all accumulate a lot of “stuff,” not all of which we either want or use. One way to save money on the cost of your move is sell or donate items that you no longer want BEFORE you start packing. Imagine having 20 boxes of stuff that you don’t use. You are paying the movers by the hour to move these boxes, only to unpack them on the other side and find you don’t even want them.
Hope these moving tips are helpful and wishing you a great moving day in San Diego!
Jerry Berzanski
Discount Movers

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