home prices in san diego

Home Prices Down?

Are home prices down in San Diego–or not? Today’s San Diego Union Tribune noted that San Diego home prices had softened a bit over the month of September, with countywide median home prices standing at $456,750 for the month of October. Overall, though, home prices in San Diego County are up 4 percent year-over-year. Thr

Stars: Zurple Acquired

Zurple Acquired by Constellation Software Carlsbad, CA–Zurple, a favorite real estate lead and client management system located in Carlsbad, CA–and recently named by Inc.Magazine as the 3rd fastest growing software company in America–has been acquired by Constellation Software for an undisclosed price. We hope the price was stellar and that founder Ryan Owen and his
Expired Listing Calls

Expired Listings in Carlsbad?

Expired Listings: Big Nuisance in Carlsbad Real Estate by Roberta Murphy Because both our business and cell phone numbers are out there, we are harassed daily by telemarketers. Over the last few years, we have personally experienced the annoying hell homeowners with expired listings endure via agent phone calls that often start before 7 a.m. To save our clients,