home prices in san diego

Home Prices Down?

Are home prices down in San Diego–or not? Today’s San Diego Union Tribune noted that San Diego home prices had softened a bit over the month of September, with countywide median home prices standing at $456,750 for the month of October. Overall, though, home prices in San Diego County are up 4 percent year-over-year. Thr

San Diego Home Prices Compared to …..

San Diego Home Prices Compared to Rest of California California home prices with their precipitous heights and troughs make national news on a consistent bases.  But as this infographic from the California Association of Realtors shows, real estate is local. Predictably, the San Francisco Bay area hits the stratosphere, with San Mateo. Marin and San

Life in San Diego: Not So Stressful

Carlsbad, CA—Forbes.com publishes some interesting lists, and I couldn’t help but wonder who made their recent 10 Most Stressful Cities in America. Thankfully San Diego, aka America’s Finest City, was nowhere to be found. The study considered such things as high unemployment, long commute times, long working hours, limited health care, poor physical health and limited

Carlsbad Homes: Beauty and Price Wars

by: Roberta Murphy Carlsbad, CA–We watch Carlsbad real estate sales closely, with special attention to homes in La Costa–because that is where we live and office. In fact, I would say we are pretty heavily invested in this area. When the sign went up in the yard at neighboring 3001 La Costa Avenue, we checked the