Downtown Oceanside, CA

by Roberta Murphy I’ve often wondered about life in downtown Oceanside–and what it would be like. Late yesterday afternoon at a Carlsbad Cinco de Mayo fest, I met two wonderful ladies who had spent the last 20 years with their families living in downtown Oceanside. They spoke of life in downtown Oceanside. Their kids went

Encinitas Street Fair

by Roberta Murphy Encinitas Street Fair scheduled for this weekend! If I can tear myself away from Oceanside Terraces real estate this weekend, you will probably find me wandering around in comfortable shoes, eating fun food and shopping for funky jewelry at one of the 450 vendor booths on Highway 101( between D and J

No Butts on Oceanside Beaches?

by Roberta Murphy Near-naked butts are fine, but the smoking kind are now off limits at almost all San Diego beaches. The most recent prohibition against butts and smoking on beaches comes from San Diego’s northernmost city, Oceanside. And although tickets are not currently being issued there, signs will be going up after Labor Day