Thief Stealing Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Could be Key to Your Home

How often do you leave your remote garage door opener in your car? You might want to think again! Thieves have learned that in ransacking cars that the remote garage door opener is a virtual key to the home–either immediately or later in time. One local Carlsbad owner was asleep with two small children when
Spring Flowers

Spring + San Diego

Spring comes to San Diego this year wrapped in green and colorful glory…sorta. After a winter of sparse  El Nino rains, the hillsides and trees are still turning beautiful shades of spring green–and even the succulents and cacti that replaced so many parched lawns in San Diego are more luscious and greener than ever. I restarted
Lemons. On wooden board.

Hot Lemon Water for Wrinkles?

Lemon trees flourish in San Diego. In fact, they abound in Rancho Santa Fe and other more rural areas. But many homes in San Diego also have their own lemon trees growing in a backyard corner–making for a perfect hot lemon water beverage. Lemons seem to flourish year round in San Diego, and I am sometimes gifted