San Diego Foreclosure

San Diego Pre-Foreclosure Solution

by Roberta Murphy   A Pre-Foreclosure Solution for Distressed Homeowners There are thousands of San Diego real estate owners who are in various stages of mortgage distress and pre foreclosure. Some have had interest rate resets, making their mortgage payments unaffordable, while others have had life setbacks which might include job loss, divorce, medical problems–or

Carlsbad Forum: Fine Shopping in Carlsbad

by Roberta Murphy When Carlsbad real estate clients ask where to find good shopping in the Carlsbad, I offer one of two answers: If they are local, all I have to say is, “The Carlsbad Forum,“and most will know what I mean. On the other hand,  if they are from out of town, the directions to the Carlsbad Forum sound

Downtown Oceanside, CA

by Roberta Murphy I’ve often wondered about life in downtown Oceanside–and what it would be like. Late yesterday afternoon at a Carlsbad Cinco de Mayo fest, I met two wonderful ladies who had spent the last 20 years with their families living in downtown Oceanside. They spoke of life in downtown Oceanside. Their kids went