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Carlsbad Vacation Rental Petition

by Roberta Murphy My first job is that of real estate broker in Carlsbad, but a little civil unrest has been brewing lately–with a petition that went out to the Carlsbad City Council this morning. Signatures are still being gathered in a petition to protect property rights for vacation rental owners at the La Costa Chateaus.
Expired Listing Calls

Expired Listings in Carlsbad?

Expired Listings: Big Nuisance in Carlsbad Real Estate by Roberta Murphy Because both our business and cell phone numbers are out there, we are harassed daily by telemarketers. Over the last few years, we have personally experienced the annoying hell homeowners with expired listings endure via agent phone calls that often start before 7 a.m. To save our clients,

Jockey Club Homes in La Costa

by Roberta Murphy When showing luxury condos in North County, I almost always try to introduce clients to the Jockey Club at La Costa–and enjoy their amazement. The Jockey Club at La Costa represents the epitome in large and luxurious condo and townhome living in not only Carlsbad, but all of San Diego .Ceilings in

Lowest-Priced Condo in Encinitas: Pacific Pines

by Roberta Murphy We have a great couple looking for a San Diego condo near the beach. They were hoping to locate second-home with a price under $250,000–and were more concerned about a coastal location than the size of the unit. Enter this bargain condo in Encinitas! We looked at condos in Oceanside, in Pacific