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Carlsbad Expensive Homes

Carlsbad Expensive Homes: Beaches and La Costa Villages priced at and above #1 million. Real estate in San Diego has become expensive–but I decided to check out the most Carlsbad expensive homes because the terrain is so varied. To the west are expansive sandy beaches and inland are golf courses, hillside estates and condos, and the newer and

Winter in San Diego

by Roberta Murphy— Winter in San Diego is in full force, and so many who are relocating to or vacationing in San Diego ask about this season. I can only refer to winter as our “cooler” season, where an occasional dusting of frost might occur in eastern portions of the county. The coastal band of

Great Brunch: Jake’s Del Mar

by Roberta Murphy Del Mar, CA–I got to decide where I wanted to go for Mother’s Day Brunch this past year–and Jake’s Del Mar was the choice. I’m ready to go again. Overdue, in fact. Last year, we all trooped over to the La Costa Resort’s Ballroom for their annual Mother’s Day Brunch-to-beat-all-brunches. The problem
Las Playas Pool

Carlsbad Townhome Bargain

by Roberta Murphy Carlsbad Townhome Bargain Near the Beach Carlsbad, CA–Sometimes people live in homes so gently that years barely wear on the surfaces. Cabinets still gleam with their original finishes, tiling sparkles, and nothing has soiled the walls. Even paintings are hung on steel straight pins in order to avoid nail holes. We just

4-Bedroom Homes in Carlsbad

by Scott Murphy –Carlsbad real estate inventory has been tightening, and there are currently  134  4-bedroom homes in all of Carlsbad, which includes the 92008, 92009, 92010 and 92011 zip codes. The inventory listed below is current as of 08/17/2009. In a nutshell, there are 25 4-bedroom homes in North Carlsbad (92008), which includes north

Lowest-Priced Condo in Encinitas: Pacific Pines

by Roberta Murphy We have a great couple looking for a San Diego condo near the beach. They were hoping to locate second-home with a price under $250,000–and were more concerned about a coastal location than the size of the unit. Enter this bargain condo in Encinitas! We looked at condos in Oceanside, in Pacific