Stop Coyote Attacks

coyote attacks
Spikebite Protection

I feel for our native coyote and their desperate search for food in San Diego. But coyote attacks have become a serious problem.

But my heart also breaks when friends and family members lose their beloved dogs and cats to coyote attacks. Eve and Greg Sieminski with Iron Fist Brewing recently lost their beloved Lily, a sweet little dog who accompanied them to the brewery almost daily. They had let her out to play in their double-walled yard at home in San Marcos– and within minutes she had disappeared in the jaws of a coyote. Hearts were broken. Lily was truly a family member who was lost a couple of months ago.

And just a couple of days ago, I learned about a spikey vest that dogs can wear to fend off coyote and other predator attacks. It’s call SpikeBite and actually looks like an attractive vest that some stylin’ dog might wear. Beneath the fabric, though, are rows of sharp spikes that when grabbed would certainly send a predator howling away from the spiked target.

The light weight SpikeBite wraps around the neck and upper back area where animals are usually attacked first–with some added spiked protection on the belly.  The photo you see is one of Mia, owned by Scott Murphy who lives in the La Costa area of Carlsbad. One might think that a heavily settled area like La Costa might be immune from coyote attacks, but that is not the case. We have clients who live in La Costa Valley who lost their little pug a couple of years ago to a coyote who jumped over the tall block wall surrounding their rear yard (which also backs up to a residential street).

Mia is always walked on a leash, but many dogs are left free to play in back yards and might benefit from this protective vest, developed by brilliant local inventor Johnny Dumas, who is destined to be their savior–and can be reached at 760-501-5473.

In the meantime, I am wondering if there is a way to provide a controlled alternative food source for coyotes? Their hunger is real. –Roberta Murphy

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