Spring + San Diego


Spring FlowersSpring comes to San Diego this year wrapped in green and colorful glory…sorta.

After a winter of sparse  El Nino rains, the hillsides and trees are still turning beautiful shades of spring green–and even the succulents and cacti that replaced so many parched lawns in San Diego are more luscious and greener than ever.

I restarted my composting program last fall and son Mark was kind enough to rototill the kitchen scraps, spent flower blossoms and worm castings into our organic garden in Carlsbad. Random vegetable seeds are sprouting and I  spy future tomato and cucumber plants. Last fall and winter we had a bounty of unexpected butternut squashes that went into hearty soups. This has been the fun of composting and the unexpected gifts that come forth from the earth..

Let’s just call that accidental gardening.

Hopefully this greener year brings more butterflies–specifically the Monarchs. I am reminded that on the hillside above the garden I need to plant additional milkweed, a plant that seems necessary for the survival of the Monarch caterpillar.

Seeds planted include basil (can never have enough!), sugar peas, cilantro, kale and various lettuces. Will also be planting some heirloom tomato and pepper specimens.

I also pray for some more fresh spring rains and occasional showers this summer to dampen our thirsty lands–and perhaps break the hold drought has had on California–and San Diego–for so long