Spring Cleaning Your San Diego Home


by Roberta Murphy


Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning

I’m a little late in spring cleaning our Carlsbad home, but better late than never (or so I justify). But all San Diego homes for sale will move more quickly with a thorough cleaning.

Still, real estate remains a hot commodity because it seems like spring almost all the time–minus the rainfall most areas experience. But sometimes we need a calendar to remind us of seasonal and traditional chores. It’s a time for routine seasonal chores like cleaning windows and carpeting, scrubbing behind toilets and then cleaning fan blades and blind slats.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of putting your home onto the market, prepare to clear surfaces, call your local charity to pick up items you no longer love, and then do the deep cleaning assuming that potential buyers will be looking at all surfaces, switch plates and walls. Does carpeting need cleaning? How about sofa and chairs? Count on buyers also looking at….


For some unknown reason, refrigerator drawers and shelves seem to collect gunk and goo. We can swipe them with a wet cloth on the fly, but at least a couple times a year we need to remove all the contents and give those shelves and drawers a disinfecting and good scrub. Typically, these pieces are too large to fit in the sink, so consider taking them outside. Use a biodegradable cleaner and wash them out over your lawn so that the water does double duty.

Area Rugs

Those beautiful rugs that we in San Diego use for decor are due for a good beating. Of course, you can vacuum them as well, but sometimes a good shaking or whacking with a broom or rug beater (as Europeans do) will loosen built-up soil. Make sure you have a sturdy clothesline, balcony rail or fence to hang them over. Allowing the rugs to air out in the fresh outdoors will help get rid of that musty winter odor too. If all else fails, take them to the dry cleaners.

Blinds and Plantation Shutters

Though wonderful for controlling San Diego sunlight, blinds and shutters can be a housekeeper’s nightmare–depending on size of he slats. If dusting mini-blinds, each of those little slats can be a pain. At least once a year, lay them out on the lawn and give those blinds a good spray with an eco-friendly degreaser. Then, use the hose and a spray nozzle to wash off all the grime. Dry them in the warm sun before hanging them back up. Lucky you if you have wide-slat plantation shutters. These slates are easy to dust and clean in place.

Comforters and Duvets

Take your large blankets, comforters, duvets and quilts and wash them in your own large capacity washer, take them to a nearby laundromat or tote them to the local dry cleaners. Should you decide to go the washer route, consider bringing the linens home and hanging them outdoors to dry. Giving them a good airing out can give them a lovely freshness and prepares them to be packed away until our mild winter season returns. Or, simply return to your bed and enjoy the freshness!

Trash cans

Even when you use bags, your trashcans are subject to grime, ooze and stink. Line them all up on the edge of the patio, fill them with organic dish soap and put the kids (or self) to scrubbing with big sponges and brushes. If a water-fight ensues, all the better! Once the cans are clean, let them dry outdoors.

Inside Chores

While all your carpets, trashcans, quilts and blinds are drying in the sun, it would now be a good time to mop those floors, dust the overhead fans and tackle the windows. Of course, spring-cleaning all goes more quickly if you round up the whole family to help for just one day a year.

And if you’re getting ready to sell your home, there are some other items you should consider tackling too. Give us a call and we can tell you just where you need to invest the most time and effort. We promise not to judge or condemn. Give Roberta or Scott Murphy a call at either 760-942-9100 or 760-613-6190. Alternatively, you may email: roberta@sandiegopreviews.com

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