Solution for Upsloped Yards in San Diego

San Diego Upsloped Yards Solution
San Diego Upslope Yards Solution

by Roberta Murphy

San Diego is full of hills, with homes built upon them. As a result, much of San Diego real estate have upsloped yards with steep hillsides begging for a solution.

I recall showing a home in Oceanside where the owners had terraced the hillside and created amazing vegetable gardens, interspersed with fruit trees. There was also a secret hideaway hidden by vegetation that offered a rustic reading bench and summer shade. In Carlsbad, La Costa and San Elijo Hills there are plenty of homes with upsloped rear yards and many owners have created beautiful terraced gardens.

Another solution for the more ambitious is a waterfall feature. We once set up a much simpler and shorter one compared to the beauty pictured–and enjoyed for several years the sound of falling water and the small fish pond below. It was a perfect backdrop for al frescoe dining in Southern California.

Landscaped waterfall

The one pictured at the top is actually from the Dominican Republic and and was created by Aquascapes, Inc. In San Diego, there are a number of landscape architects who can set up similar waterfalls–or the more ambitious might take on the the prpject themselves.

These hillsides are challenging, but if gardened or landscaped with a water feature, they can provide years of enjoyment and can hopefully increase the property’s value.