Should Rancho Santa Fe Incorporate or Remain a Rural Enclave?


by Roberta Murphy

Rancho Santa Fe Incorporate Just bring up the topic: Should  San Diego County’s rural and exclusive Rancho Santa Fe incorporate as a city–or NOT.

Those favoring incorporation of Rancho Santa Fe have tired of paltry allowances from the county for road repairs, San Diego Countys poor planning and budgeting for Rancho Santa Fe infrastructure, and RSF traffic laws that are enforced by the California Highway Patrol. There may also be more than a few Rancho Santa Fe real estate developers who might stand to benefit from incorporation of this affluent community.

Those opposing theRancho Santa Fe incorporation would certainly include denizens who wish to maintain this top-rated affluent rural community’s identity. These RSF residents cherish winding roads absent sidewalks, real estate signs, exposed open garage doors, streetlights, and mailboxes. Open houses sans signs in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe are a nightmare for me agents who wish to publicize the open availability of listings.

To the proponents of Rancho Santa Fes incorporation, though, I would like to ask them to consider carefully its lovely winding roads, dark night skies, citrus groves and flowers, and a lifestyle that begs to remain in some other more peaceful century.