Saving Water in San Diego


Saving Water in San DiegoThough we specialize in Carlsbad real estate, the California drought affects us all–and we are all about saving water in San Diego.

This infographic from the California Association of Realtors (CAR) shows where so much of our water goes, but I am wondering if some of these uses could go dual-purpose.

Could running sink water be run over a bowl when rinsing vegetables and reused later to water plants?

Could washing machine water be collected into a bucket rather than a drain–and again be used to water gardens?

Ditto for showers and bath water?

And instead of rinsing coffee grounds and vegetable peelings down the drain or garbage disposal, how about adding them to a simple compost pile in a corner of your garden?

Of course, and as the chart shows, it is important to have low flow toilets and shower heads as well as  faucet aereators to conserve water flow into your homes.

Conserving water during this extreme California drought doesn’t have to be a drag. We are actually having some fun with it–and are always seeking new solutions.

Do you have any to share?  If so, please do so here!

–Roberta Murphy (760-402-9101), San Diego Previews Broker and irregular blogger (