Downtown San Marcos


by:Eve Sieminski

Downtown San Marcos
San Marcos Sunset

At last: A new downtown San Marcos?

San Marcos, CA (92078,92069) is a thriving and abundant city in San Diego’s prime North County. It offers many well-planned subdivisions, excellent schools, great shopping and restaurants, and a beach-close location that maintains moderate temperatures year round. San Marcos seems to have it all, until one discovers there is no downtown San Marcos.

But that may be just as well.

On Tuesday evening, July 24, 2007, the San Marcos City Council agreed to move forward with the long-awaited San Marcos Creek Specific Plan, which when implemented will provide this fine city with one of the finest downtown areas in the country. With 217 acres included in the plan, there will be numerous parks, and multi-use buildings that will house commercial ventures, stores and offices on the lower levels, and personal residences above. One of the key goals in this San Marcos Creekside project will be to encourage and celebrate pedestrian traffic. There will be wide paseos (think Santa Barbara) and bike trails throughout. Traffic calming will be accomplished via roundabouts, alleys (which will also reduce curb cuts on the streets) and a multitude of parking garages.

Additionally, the City of San Marcos is considering the offer of free shuttles to move people around the new neighborhoods and streets–and possibly even to and from Cal State San Marcos. The focal point for San Marcos’ Creekside development will be San Marcos Creek, which runs at the far north end of the proposed project. The creek and the land around it are currently in the 100-year flood plain. These potential flood issues will be addressed with new drainage culverts to be placed under the nearby freeway, as well as the construction of levees around San Marcos Creek. The additional issue of silt runoff into Lake San Marcos will be corrected with the construction of check dams which will collect accumulated silt.

One of the key goals in the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan is to create both physical and symbolic links to the creek for which it is named. In addition to parks around San Marcos Creek, there will be numerous water features and fountains placed throughout this new downtown area. The scope of this San Marcos downtown project is quite large. There are projected to be 1.265 million square feet of retail space, 590,000 square feet dedicated to office space, and 2300 dwelling units–most of which will be high-density living. Building heights will range from two to six stories and 43 percent of the land will be dedicated to parks and enhanced open space. The idea of being able to live, work, dine, shop and play within a beautiful and walkable community sounds like a European ideal. How much better that it will be in the center our very own San Marcos, just off San Marcos Boulevard, across the street from Restaurant Row and the Stadium Theaters. It will be bordered by the Lake San Marcos Golf Course to the west, and Bent Avenue to the east. More reports to follow!

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In the meantime, listed below are current San Marcos homes for sale near the proposed downtown San Marcos area–including San Elijo Hills:

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  1. Eve: What a setting for a downtown San Marcos! Homeowners at Lake San Marcos should be delighted with the area cleanup and development that will come with this San Marcos Creekside project.

    Hats off to the City Council and planners.

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