San Diego’s Weather is… Perfection

San Diego Spring Weather
San Diego Spring Weather Beckons

by Roberta Murphy Carlsbad, CA–Friends in the Midwest and East Coast are starting to swear (literally) that snow is a vile four-letter word. They are tired of the cold, the slush and dreary skies. They long for sunshine, balmy weather, sandy beaches and blue skies.

In short, they long for San Diego with its sunshine, top-down driving weather, bikinis on beaches, flip flops and blue skies.

This year, I think we in coastal San Diego had about 3 weeks of winter which brought welcome rain and a few COLD days with chillier high temperatures in the 50’s–which caused us all to bitch about the weather, which we generally take for granted. But weather is only one thing that makes San Diego so terrific. People admire our generally more relaxed attitudes, love of both physical and spiritual health, and the near universal acceptance of flip flops as acceptable footwear. If you are tired of snow chains, high heating oil bills, gray skies and slush, you might consider making a move to San Diego. You may get less house for the money, but you’ll make up for it with your use and appreciation of the beautiful outdoors!