Retire in San Diego
The Wealth of San Diego

We have had some wealthy foreign clients who have chosen to retire in the coastal climes of San Diego. They love the balmy weather, year-round golf and tennis, and the beauty of Southern California. And they love San Diego real Estate.

These clients are wonderful additions to our cities and communities. They pay hefty property taxes, shop freely, are self-insured and put little strain on city infrastructures and school systems. They would love to retire in San Diego–and park their fortunes here.

The only interruption to their perfect retirement is the need to periodically leave the US, so their visas can remain valid. These interruptions can be untimely, costly and may conflict with the client’s health treatments here.

A Retirement Visa solution for wealthy foreign clients has been floating around the government for years, but has gone nowhere. And even though this seems to have more to do with immigration issues than real estate, it is an issue we should all support.

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