I am one Grumpy San Diego Realtor this Morning


Grumpy San Diego Realtor

Call me a grumpy San Diego Realtor, but at 5:05 am this morning I was rudely awakened by some unidentified call from the 206 area code.

The caller sounded as if she might be in India, but that is beside the point. She wanted to know if I would like to talk about search engine placement and placing higher for San Diego real estate in Google or some such thing.

“Do you know what time it is?” I screeched. “”It’s 5 am and you just jerked me out of bed. You want to talk about search engines?”


I trudged downstairs, fixed some tea and decided to use the early morning hours visiting other real estate blogs of interest.

Know what I found?

Another grumpy Realtor, John Harper, was similarly interrupted by another telephone huckster trying to sell him higher placement for San Ramon real estate or San Ramon homes for sale — I’m not sure which.

How to battle these interruptions?

Any suggestions?

This grumpy Realtor is open to ideas….

Roberta Murphy (nursing a head cold and feeling out of sorts)

NOTE: I called the 206-203-7278 telephone number and it belongs to the FTC. Double growl: These solicitors are cloaking the originating number  with one belonging to the Federal Trade Commission.

11 responses to “I am one Grumpy San Diego Realtor this Morning

  1. Yeah — my home number is so secret, I have to have it written down myself. 🙂 NOBODY has that number who doesn’t share my DNA — and THEY have to know the secret handshake.

  2. Roberta, I have a simple solution. Just locate the callers and shoot them. It wouldn’t take but a few and finding callers would become much more difficult. Then, problem solved. (Sorry about the bad beginning to a great day. Hope it ends better.)


  3. They must not do they research! You are already in the the top 5 for San Diego Real Estate and top 1,2 or 3 for just about everything else related!

  4. Jeff: On second thought, I might be even more careful of what I share with those sharing my DNA:-) And yeah, I will be ready to turn in early tonight–after a bowl of chicken soup.

  5. Jim: These yoyo’s just call–and don’t even pay attention to time zones–let alone any search rankings.

    Hope you are faring all right from your fire evacuations. These California wildfires are horrific–and we have all been worrying about you.

  6. Susan,

    I have registered every phone–including our cells–with the Do Not Call registry. I am thinking the way to do them in is to play interested, keep them on the line and try to get names and as much information as possible about the company.

    Then, turn the information over to the FTC.

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