San Diego Realtor Votes Trump: A True Confession


An opinion by Roberta Murphy

San Diego Realtor
San Diego Realtors and Diversity

This article is not being written collectively by Realtors at San Diego Previews Real Estate. Rather, it is a confession written by the company’s broker and a San Diego Realtor, who happens to be a conservative registered Independent–who also happened to  vote for Donald J. Trump.

Had someone stuck a microphone in my face prior to the election, I would have demurred and probably said I had not yet made up my mind. Call me a coward, but this San Diego Realtor didn’t want the accusations, the hostility or God forbid–accused of being uneducated. After all, what kind of woman with both a BA and MA from recognized universities (and a former college instructor) could be voting for someone like Donald Trump?

But I am forgiven by my associates, or at least tolerated.

Fully half of our company voted Republican, and the other half Democrat. And surprisingly, we all get along. Just as we did eight years ago when Barack Obama took office. Some of us groaned and some celebrated. We were sensitive to each others’ preferences–but mostly we talked about San Diego real estate and other issues that didn’t involve Obamacare or shovel ready jobs.

But is it possible for a conservative San Diego Realtor to also be inclusive? To not be xenophobic? To shun racism? To abhor sexual discrimination?

San Diego Realtor and Diversity
Diversity at San Diego Previews Real Estate

The answer is a simple YES.

Over the past 10 years, we have had Realtors who were Islamic, Jewish, African American, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, male, female, Arabic, Republican, Democratic and Seventh Day Agnostic. And you know what? We all got and get along. There were and are no hostilities, arguments or hurt feelings. The only hurdle we ever encountered was when we gave a Christmas gift to our Jehovah’s Witness agent, who only reluctantly accepted the gift after explaining their non-belief in our pre-ordained holidays. We shared the wine anyway!

For the first time in my life, I am offended at the insults being hurled in my and others’ direction. I am not xenophobic, even if I want border control. I would like more guest and work visas, as well as identification that clearly identifies citizens and guests. I am not homophobic–not even a little. I have gay friends and an old friend who recently became a transsexual. I am not racist. Not even a little. And I also believe all lives matter.

For real.

I am fascinated with all religions–including Islam. And Catholicism, and the Jewish faith and Jehovah Witnesses. We all believe in God–or Yahweh or Allah. And at least half of us are Christians. However,  I do not believe in ISIS or ISIL and their utter cruelty to women, children, men and Gays who don’t believe as they do.

Those are the haters, the xenophobes, the sexists, the homophobes. And I growl at being thrown into that category of haters.

I am not a hater.

Rather, I am a compassionate conservative who is disgusted with a political and celebrity class that is so out of touch with the working and forgotten people of our country. I am furious that our national treasure and precious blood have been wasted on needless war– and that some in power have abused their position in favor of profiteering and the spoils of bribery.

I’ll say no more about that for fear of being labeled a sexist–or possibly a troglodyte. And I am, neither.

This San Diego Realtor has come out of the closet and admitted a conservative affiliation and vote.  And just like our liberal agents, I love our country, embrace different races,  and accept varying religions and nationalities. I also accept our political differences and hope that our country can soon do the same. We are a melting pot. A nation of immigrants. A nation of acceptance.

So why the rioting in the streets? Why not accept a legitimate democratic election? Trump was the one calling the election rigged the week before. Now the losing party is laying claim to the same.

I suggest we all take a deep breath, give our families and friends big hugs, and collectively pray that our next four years are both peaceful and prosperous.

That is my wish for all!