San Diego Real Estate Market is Red Hot


by Roberta MurphyCarlsbad, CA

Bidding Wars for San Diego Homes

Bidding for San Diego Real EstrtateOur sellers are receiving multiple offers, and many buyers are surprised to learn that they are competing with other folks for the same homes.

In other words, the San Diego real estate market has turned RED HOT. But it also appears we are not alone with inventory shortages.

It doesn’t matter whether the listing is a short sale, REO or lovely equity sale. If the home is fairly priced and in good showable condition, it is likely to sell far more quickly than it might have in the past few years.

Ever so slowly, news media are awakening to the fact that real estate is on the mend and the San Diego real estate market is the most lively we’ve seen in years.  Here are some recent articles we are forwarding to our prospective home buyers. Better to be prepared than blown out of the proverbial saddle!

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