San Diego Real Estate Hunt: Trick or Treat?


by Roberta Murphy

San Diego real estate hunt
San Diego Halloween

Carlsbad, CA–This past year has been tough for both San Diego real estate sellers–and buyers–and both sides of the fence have had to wonder if they are being tricked or treated by market conditions. Still, it’s a real estate hunt.

On one hand, home sellers hear that we are in the toughest market for San Diego home sales in years. Prices have dropped off the cliff and these home sellers have heard of neighbors who finally took their home off the market after trying to sell for a year or more.

On the other hand, we have buyers who have made multiple offers on multiple properties (usually San Diego’s fabled short sales and foreclosures), and have given up hopes of ever being able to buy a home in San Diego County. Their exhausted real estate agents are also about to throw in the collective towel.

So what is really selling in San Diego–and who are the succesful home buyers?

The successful home sellers are those whose homes are not only well-priced, but are also squeaky clean and show better than their neighbors.  They fortunately are also able to advertise their homes as having equity–and can brag that they are neither a fabled San Diego short sale or foreclosure. They allow lockboxes, and make showings simple for both agents and their buyers.

Successful San Diego home buyers are realistic.  They acknowledge those fabled short sales and foreclosures–but more frequently, they are requesting to see realistically-priced foreclosures and homes that are NOT in the foreclosure or short sale process. These buyers have money for down payments, have good credit histories and are realistic in home buying expectations.

In our practice, these buyers are experiencing great success–and those who qualify as first time home buyers are also reaping the $8000 tax credit–an additional treat.

Our successful home sellers have homes priced to the market and work hard to make them as attractive as possibleto picky buyers. They know these two elements will do more than anything to bring themselves and qualified buyers to the closing table.