5 Little Economies for San Diego Real Estate


by Roberta Murphy

camry hybrid

I traded the Mercedes for a Camry Hybrid almost two years ago, mostly because I like its tight turning radius (I make lots of u-turns), its fuel economy (I hate stopping for gas) and the fun questions I got from just about everybody (back then).

And I still love the car.

Last weekend, on my way to a home inspection in San Diego, I had to stop for gas in Encinitas (where it was selling for just $4.03 a gallon), paid $60 to fill the tank–and was grateful for the hybrid’s fuel economy. It also makes us wonder how rising fuel costs are already impacting the way we search for real estate in San Diego County.

Some observations:

1. The internet becomes more valuable than ever for searching San Diego real estate. Let your keyboard do the driving makes lots of sense these days. Search San Diego real estate with a simple click.

2. We’ll likely all become more efficient when we go out to see properties, and will see more on each trip compared to last year (increased inventory also helps).

3. Real estate agents’ business may become more local. Will we still see Temecula and Orange County agents showing widespread San Diego homes for sale? Wouldn’t a referral to a local agent (and vice versa) make more sense?

4, More than ever, smart real estate agents will prequalify their clients before investing so much time and money in them. This may require more time up front, but will provide huge savings for both the client and the agent.

5. I have resolved to clear stuff from the back seat of my car, so that clients might ride with me instead of fueling gas prices by following me around (which happens all too often). Children’s car seats, though, sometimes present seating problems.

None of these ideas will win prizes for originality, but if we all practice them the cumulative savings could be huge.