Shhh! San Diego Real Estate Commissions Revealed


by Roberta Murphy

San Diego real Estate Commissions

It’s a taboo of sorts to discuss real estate commissions, not because it’s an impolite topic (like discussing one’s salary or bowel habits at a social gathering), but rather, it could land a real estate licensee in jail (or so we are warned).

Of course, it is legal and necessary to discuss commissions with a home seller–and as we all know, this is a negotiable fee. But to publicly discuss real estate commissions is insane, unless, of course….

the courageous San Diego real estate blogger is quoting a bigger mouth.

So what can I say about San Diego real estate commissions? Well, according to HomeGain (the bigger mouth), San Diego real estate commissions during the month of December, 2007 (time for an update?) averaged 5.1 percent across the board, whether it was a $300,000 Oceanside condo, a $500,000 San Marcos home, a $750,000 Carlsbad home–or a $1,000,000 or more Del Mar or Rancho Santa Fe mansion.

I don’t suppose this is earth rattling news of any sort, and it feels about right to this writer and real estate broker–except for those San Diego sellers who overprice their homes and think that a 9 percent commission and a paid trip around the world will enable or convince us to sell this overpriced property to some unsuspecting buyer. Not a chance.

Home Gain says this figure is based on historical commission averages for San Diego real estate sellers who found their agents through Home Gain. And they, too, disclose that real estate commissions are negotiable.

(Note to myself: Yippee! I crossed that real estate minefield and am still in one piece).

Have a nice weekend–and enjoy all the graduations and celebrations in our midst!

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  1. Congratulations, that is quite an achievement. as we all know real estate sales seem to be stagnate all over the world these days. It sounds like there may be an increase in sales for real estate agents over there, I am sure that will be very welcome after what many agents have been through.

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