San Diego Nude Beaches Threatened


by Roberta Murphy

nude beachesSan Diego Nude Beaches threatened?

I’ve never really given much thought to San Diego County’s two nude beaches: Black’s Beach in La Jolla and San Onofre State Beach at the northern tip of San Diego County. Both are pretty secluded and it appears the nudists are a pretty peaceable lot.

At least until recently.

It is reported in this morning’s San Diego Union Tribune that San Onofre park rangers will start enforcing a ban on nudity after September, 1, 2008. Apparently, there have been public complaints and some park employees objected to working in a place where not everyone is clothed–which specifically targets the Trail 6 beach area.

And like other beach workers who object to picking up cigarette butts, used baby diapers and other foul debris, maintenance workers at San Onofre State Beach object to occasionally having to pick up sex toys, condoms and other “paraphernalia.” Guess it’s a long trek to carry those bags of debris up a remote and steep path that goes up a 60-foot cliff.

Can’t blame either group of park employees for their complaints–and would personally campaign for users of all San Diego beaches to never leave any debris behind.

On the other side of this issue, nudists are proclaiming that their nudity is protected under First Amendment rights as “free speech” and the Naturist Society has issued an action alert, encouraging its members to email and send letters to politicians protesting the nudity ban.

It’s tempting to take my camera and authenticate this article with photos, but I’ll pass on the assignment because I’m just not dressed for the terrain.