Life in San Diego: Not So Stressful

Life in San Diego
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Carlsbad, publishes some interesting lists, and I couldn’t help but wonder who made their recent 10 Most Stressful Cities in America. Thankfully San Diego, aka America’s Finest City, was nowhere to be found.

The study considered such things as high unemployment, long commute times, long working hours, limited health care, poor physical health and limited exercise as stressors and metrics for selecting America’s most stressful cities.

Ranked, in order:

  1. Las Vegas (24/7 economy, latchkey kids, high divorce rate)
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Houston
  4. Tampa
  5. Riverside
  6. Miami
  7. Dallas-Fort Worth
  8. New York City
  9. Chicago
  10. Detroit

San Diego remains a predictable paradise. Our commute times aren’t horrid, the economy is improving, beautiful weather usually beckons, and even our home and real estate prices are becoming more attractive.

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