How Walkable is your San Diego Neighborhood?


by Roberta Murphy

Walkable La Costa neighborhoods

How walkable is your neighborhood? With San Diego gas prices going through the ceiling, interest is building for homes that are in walking distance to shopping, theaters, schools and other local destinations.

In the past, many of these properties were shunned by home buyers because of traffic noise and “urban noise.” These days, more and more buyers of San Diego real estate are asking about the nearest grocery store, and how close homes are to schools, parks–and train stations.

Noise is no longer the deterrent it once was.

A new site offers you the opportunity to check the walkability of your own San Diego neighborhood–or perhaps the one you grew up in across the country.

Curious about how walkable your neighborhood might be? Just go to: WalkScore  I love the site and frequently refer many of our San Diego real estate clients there.

We may live on a busy street in La Costa, but more and more I am appreciating the fitness center, banks, grocery store and other shops that are in an easy and walkable distance from our home.

Now, think I’ll go walk the dog and consider both the possibilities and advantages of life near hubs of activity….

3 responses to “How Walkable is your San Diego Neighborhood?

  1. This is a great point that I have been noticing for a while since most of my business are condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District and Uptown New Orleans. We are worlds away in prices and types of places but people are looking for smaller places, more carefree, they have business and travel on their mind. Our area just gets recycled every 40-50 years and trends change peoples lifestyles. Its too bad our leaders cannot see what we see.

  2. Eric,

    New Orleans would seem to be a perfect example of the walkable neighborhood so many are seeking. It is growing trend that will eventually reach critical mass–especially with rising gas prices (at least in our San Diego real estate market where gas prices may soon approach $5 per gallon).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I agree a cool place to live is where you can go to some commercial establishments by walking, it will surely help you to save money.

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