Easy Steps for a San Diego Move

by Megan Wookey

a San Diego moveFacing a San Diego move?

You just signed the papers for your new San Diego home sale, plus the move–and the excitement begins. You call your friends with the news and celebrate with family. Then it hits you. You have to pack up, haul, and unpack every single item you own.

For many, a San Diego move can be a daunting task filled with stress and anxiety. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are steps you can take to move with minimal stress, and the key is organization. Here are three ways to make your move as pain-free as possible, right from the beginning:

  1. Create a ‘moving’ notebook and take it with you everywhere. This will be the place to write down anything that comes to mind for your move, from to-do items to phone numbers to timelines. Take your notebook with you everywhere because you never know when an idea or thought will pop into your head. Writing your thoughts down will ensure that you remember everything.
  1. Start early! I cannot emphasize this tip enough. Getting an early start will decrease stress for your whole family. Start with items or rooms that are not used on a regular basis. These could be your dining room china, the attic, or extra linens. Save the essentials for last.
  2. Gather all the essential packing supplies. Making sure you have all the supplies needed to pack up your house will make the process go smoothly. Some supplies include boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap or tissue paper to wrap up breakables.

Helpful tip: Buy colored duct tape or stickers to label all your packed boxes. Have a color for each room in the new house and label each box with a colored label. In addition, label each box with the name of the room and a list of items the box contains. This will provide everyone helping you move with a clear idea about where each box goes.

These tips will help you get started with the long process of moving and hopefully reduce some stress. If you get overwhelmed, step back and look at the big picture. Moving is an exciting time for you and your family. Enjoy the time you have in your current house and look forward to the many memories you will make in your new house.

Note: Megan Wookey is a treasured addition to the Carlsbad real estate community. She is a professional organizer who helps families and small businesses in North San Diego County simplify their lives. She specializes in creating lasting systems to keep homes and offices free of clutter, and is passionate about organization as an essential part of health and wellness. Living an organized life is more than keeping your home or office looking neat and tidy. It’s about how you feel and function in the space. It also reduces stress and frees up time to spend doing what you enjoy most. Megan can be reached via email: megan@simplicitybymegan.com

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