San Diego Mortgage Rates at All-Time Low!


NOW is the time to buy San Diego Real Estate

Inventory levels in the San Diego real estate market have been steadily shrinking–which means that our market (at least near the coast) has likely reached more normalized conditions. Add to that today’s announcement that mortgage interest rates have reached an ALL TIME LOW and buying signals for San Diego real estate couldn’t be much stronger. Moreover, we now have clients whose total mortgage payments are now less than the rent they were paying.  That alone is cause to celebrate!

Will average or median prices go down further?  Perhaps they will, but that’s not the way the wind is blowing–here and elsewhere.  We speak with brokers throughout the country on a regular basis, and  almost all are seeing the same thing: Strong buying activity and a shortage of good inventory.

If you are interested in exploring current home availabilities and listings,  just go to our San Diego Home Search where all current listings can be seen. And if you would just like to chat about neighborhoods, schools and what your budget can afford, feel free to give us a call at 877-818-8197.

— Roberta Murphy —Carlsbad, CA