San Diego Chargers Move to Oceanside?

Cheerleaders for San Diego Chargers
San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders

Carlsbad, CA–A local radio station (100.7 Jack FM) reports that the San Diego Chargers may be reconsidering Oceanside as a site for the new Chargers Stadium. The targeted real estate for this project would be the old Valley drive-in site that sits on the north side of Route 76 in Oceanside, not far from the I-5 Freeway.

And according the the San Diego Union Tribune, a representative from Thomas Enterprises consulted with Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani regarding this proposal around six weeks ago. (Our ears are still close to the ground). Two years ago, the Chargers nixed the idea of building the new stadium at the Oceanside Center City Golf Course.

Also seriously considered for awhile was the site of Chula Vista’s huge power plant, but that prospect appears to have cooled–as have plans to build near the existing Qualcomm Stadium.

I think Oceanside’s old drive-in site would make an excellent location for a new Charger’s Stadium–far better than anything in Chula Vista. It is close to Interstate 5 and with that North County location, would attract Chargers fans and money from Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. It is also not far from the Oceanside Train Station, and would be fairly easy to run shuttles from station to stadium.

This move to Oceanside would keep the Chargers in the San Diego area,  keep $ millions in our local economies, and would provide employment for countless workers both pre-and post-construction.

It may also be one of our best opportunities to keep the Chargers on home soil.

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  1. No matter where the place it, I'm pretty sure that the audiences won't mind it they will still watch the games.

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