San Diego Beach Homes Catch Royal Eye


by Roberta Murphy

We frequently get inquiries regarding oceanfront homes in San Diego–and love showing those properties. Therefore, it truly snagged our interest when we heard that Earl Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s younger brother, was searching for a home along the San Diego coast.

If you recall, Spencer gave the touching eulogy for Princess Diana at her funeral–and is a noted historical author as well as a reproducer of fine royal antiques.

It seems he looked at beach estates for a couple of days, before checking out of his La Jolla hotel last Saturday morning.

If I were searching today for the ultimate in San Diego beach homes, I would put La Jolla Farms listings at the top of the list along with homes in La Jolla Shores — or perhaps a Del Mar Beach home. On the other hand, Charles Spencer might consider luxury real estate in Coronado, where former Coronado resident and divorcee Wallis Simpson lived prior to her marriage to Britain’s King Edward VIII.