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Carlsbad, CA–San Diego may not top the list as a destination for those moving 50 miles or more, but U-Haul reports that San Diego ranks #11 nationally and is the second most popular California destination. Los Angeles ranks #3, while Sacramento ranks #14, followed by San Francisco (18), Fullerton (30), Costa Mesa (31), San Jose (33), Long Beach (45), Fresno (46) and Santa Monica (50).

The study reflects moves made from January through December, 2008.

In studying the list below, it is interesting to note that California cities dominate U-Haul’s list of top destination cities, with a strong 20 percent share and 10 top cities. Texas ranks a distant second with 4 cities, while Florida and New York claim 3 each.

Why move to San Diego? Could be San Diego real estate bargains. Might be our great beaches and climate–or it might be all of these reasons.

U-Haul Top 50 U.S. Destination Cities*

   January - December 2008

   1.  ATLANTA, Ga.           26.  PITTSBURGH, Pa.
   2.  HOUSTON, Texas         27.  PHOENIX, Ariz.
   3.  LOS ANGELES, Calif.    28.  NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.
   4.  LAS VEGAS, Nev.        29.  INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.
   5.  DENVER, Colo.          30.  FULLERTON, Calif.
   6.  PORTLAND, Ore.         31.  COSTA MESA, Calif.
   7.  CHICAGO, Ill.          32.  CHARLOTTE, N.C.
   8.  SAN ANTONIO, Texas     33.  SAN JOSE, Calif.
   9.  AUSTIN, Texas          34.  MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.
   10.  ORLANDO, Fla.          35.  ST. LOUIS, Mo.
   11.  SAN DIEGO, Calif.      36.  QUEENS, N.Y.
   12.  KANSAS CITY, Mo.       37.  WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.
   13.  PHILADELPHIA, Pa.      38.  OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.
   14.  MIAMI, Fla.            39.  TUCSON, Ariz.
   15.  SACRAMENTO, Calif.     40.  TULSA, Okla.
   16.  BROOKLYN, N.Y.         41.  SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
   17.  DALLAS, Texas          42.  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.
   18.  SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.  43.  SPOKANE, Wash.
   19.  WASHINGTON, D.C.       44.  BRONX, N.Y.
   20.  TAMPA, Fla.            45.  LONG BEACH, Calif.
   21.  JACKSONVILLE, Fla.     46.  FRESNO, Calif.
   22.  VAN NUYS, Calif.       47.  BIRMINGHAM, Ala.
   23.  FORT WORTH, Texas      48.  BALTIMORE, Md.
   24.  COLUMBUS, Ohio         49.  SEATTLE, Wash.
   25.  CHRISMAN, Ill.         50.  SANTA MONICA, Calif.
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  1. It makes sense that California would dominate the list. If it were a country it would be the 35 largest in terms of economy. Mix in beautiful weather and I'm renting a uhaul.

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