San Diego: Most Popular City

most popular city
Life in San Diego

We know San Diego is a great place to live–even when we have a week of rain. It’s truly a most popular city and one loved by almost all.

Our real estate prices seem to have settled out, the Padres almost made the World Series and our beaches, mountains, skylines and sunsets remain as magnificent as ever.

And what we in San Diego know, has now been verified by Harris Polls (and as reported by the San Diego Union Tribune), who place San Diego in 2010 in second place–only behind New York City as the most popular city in the country. In doing their poll, the folks at Harris asked a pretty simple question:

“If you could live in or near any city in the country except the one you live in or nearest to now, which city would you choose?”

New York may have ranked first, but the Big Apple also ranked first on the list of the most unpopular cities. San Diego does not appear there, so we might say New York kind of cancels itself out–and catapults San Diego into the most popular city in the country.

Other cities trailing behind San Diego in this Top Ten list included Las Vegas, Seattle, Nashville, Atlanta, Denver and Boston. Cities having the distinction of being on both the 10 Most Popular and 10 Least Popular lists include both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Living in San Diego is a clear winner!