San Deago and San Deigo Real Estate (I Jest)


by Roberta Murphy

san deago and san deigoThis is just a late night musing and grumble about San Deago and San Deigo homes and real estate–and spelling errors.

For years, I have marveled at Google and Yahoo’s search engine ability to direct misspelled cities and other destinations to the right place and wondered why my GPS system is so unforgiving of the slightest typo. Cannot begin to relay the problems I have in this regard–especially as I am trying to navigate my way through traffic.

Somehow Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others know how to direct San Deigo Reel Estate, La Hoya Real Estate, Encintas Homes and Cornado realstate to San Diego Real Estate and its pages within.

And for that I am most grateful.

The grumble: I can’t tell you the number of times I couldn’t get the spelling of a street right, and the pesky GPS provided zilch–especially when I couldn’t recall if I was dealing with a street, road or avenue.

The musing: Why doesn’t Google, with all its maps and intuitive sense of placement, enter the GPS business for automobiles? Or perhaps it has already happened?

Just a suggestion from a frustrated San Diego Relator, you geaks.