Bobcats Take Possession of Southern California Home


by Roberta Murphy

BobcatsSan Diego real estate hasn’t quite gone to the dogs–yet (though some inland neighborhoods may be coming close). How about bobcats taking over your home?

But Riverside County’s real estate market is another animal entirely.

It seems a family of bobcats has moved into a vacant and foreclosed Lake Elsinore home, according to blogger Peter Viles with L.A. Land Blog (Los Angeles Times). Viles quotes LA Times David Kelly:

(Lake Elsinore) Neighbors first noticed the feline squatters Aug. 27 hanging out on a side wall of the empty house in the Tuscany Hills development…. The foreclosed home is one of several on the block. Its lawn is brown but still being watered by the sprinklers. The house sits right up against barren, chaparral-covered hills.

At least two adult bobcats and perhaps a litter of young ones appear to be occupying the house. Residents have mixed emotions about their new neighbors.

Human locals don’t appear very upset over their new neighbors, and some even appear to delight in their presence. Some of the funny comments from readers, though, are a hoot:

They could have easily qualified for a loan last year….now they just squat

There are still some fat cats benefiting from the real estate market

They could have easily qualified for a loan last year. Now they just squat

This will be one REO with a bonus for the lender.