Reverse 911 Emergency Calls

Reverse 911
Reverse 911

Reverse 911?

When we witness an accident or an emergency strikes at home, we instinctively know to dial 911. It’s likely the first telephone number young children learn.

But what happens if an emergency strikes when we are away from home? That’s where and when Reverse 911 will help.

You can now opt in to receive a Reverse 911 phone call via San Diego’s Emergency Notification System in the event of an emergency in your neighborhood or community.

If such an emergency should occur, the system will automatically call listed and unlisted numbers within the affected San Diego area to deliver a recorded message about the situation. And since cellular and Voice over IP (VoIP) are not in the system database, those numbers must also be registered if you wish to be called in the event of an emergency.

The Reverse 911 is something I am registering for immediately from my Carlsbad home–and am encouraging friends, family and readers to do the same.

Registrations for this Reverse 911 system is easy: Just click to register for the San Diego Emergency Notification System.

So much better to be informed and safe–than ignorant and potentially in the path of danger, wherever you may be in the San Diego region!

Roberta Murphy