Remove Hard Drive Before Ditching Copier!

Identity Theft
Identity Theft

I just viewed a video that will forever change how I view copiers. It seems all of them made in last 10 years or so have a hard drive that holds copies of everything ever copied or scanned.

Have you ever copied tax returns, medical records or other sensitive documents? What about your doctor’s office, government agencies, your mortgage lender? Could your sensitive information reside within their copiers?

And what happenps to many of the broken down copiers? Many are shipped overseas to ports unknown–but easy to imagine. These machines make identity theft sooo easy.

We have two printers that I was going to donate to Goodwill. Before doing so, I am on a search and destroy mission for their hard drives. It’s not just sensitive personal information that might reside within these drives, I also want to protect the information and identity of our San Diego real estate clients.