7 Quick Fixes for San Diego Closets

Neat closet in La Costa home.
Neat Closet

When showing homes, it’s often the smallest room that can tip the scale on whether a buyer decides to make an offer or not:

Master Bedroom Closet

We were recently previewing an Encinitas Ranch home with La Costa clients. The home was exquisite in every way, but client was dismayed with the elegantly-appointed master closet that was just too small for what she needed or wanted.

Size of the closet may not be repairable, but here are some things that can make any closet more appealing:

1. Do NOT store dirty clothes in your closet. It should smell absolutely fresh. Place clothes hamper in other location.

2. Give hanging clothes breathing room. Leave at least 13 to 15 inces of space between closet rod and wall. Hang tiered rods in at least 40 to 44 inch intervals.

3. Take a deep breath, remove everything from closet and paint it in light and bright color.

4. Consider replacing light bulbs with bright LED lighting which is not only energy efficient, but can last for years.

5. Would it be possible to change the closet flooring to a surface that can be kept clear of dust, dirt and mildew? How about tile or wood as an alternative to carpeting?

6. Get creative with storage. Decorative boxes, baskets and bins can be used to store foldable clothing, handbags and accessories.

7. Get adjustable racks for shoes–and replace them each time a pair is used!

These are tips lthat can help your San Diego home sell faster (if that is your goal)–or simply make your home more livable and lovable.