Phantom Galleries for San Diego


by Roberta Murphy

Phantom Galleries
Art Gallery

Here’s another blog post that has nothing to do with San Diego real estate or homes, but everything to do with walkable shopping areas, phantom galleries and the potential for fine eye candy.

Late yesterday, I received a fun call from April Game, CEO and Founder of the San Diego Fine Art Society. She explained their goal of allowing area artists to display their works in San Diego’s empty storefronts that are barren ugly or otherwise unremarkable.

It is an idea that would encourage walking, conversation–and perhaps a new appreciation for the arts and the artists who share their works.

I immediately thought of the ground floor retail space at Oceanside Terraces in downtown Oceanside. What a great visual display it would be for art to replace the empty window spaces that populate this luxurious building and residence.

On this San Diego Realtor’s to-do lists for today? Make some calls and try to secure some empty storefront windows in downtown Oceanside.

This phantom gallery project appears to be well-underway in Los Anistock, and the San Diego metropolitan area just may outshine its northern neighbor (right, April?)

I can’t help but wonder how one of these phantom galleries would look in empty store spaces in North County!

To be continued….