Perfect Search Site


Seeking a perfect search siteIt’s early and the sun in Carlsbad has not yet risen–and I have a confession. I am miserably unhappy with the functionality of this search site.

If I were a consumer shopping for a home for sale in San Diego, I would want to compare communities and cities. If I were relocating from Chicago to Carlsbad, I would want to compare home prices, schools, neighborhoods, demographics, commute times, schools and perhaps a dozen other data points before ever thinking of contacting a Realtor.

I also want to look at big and beautiful photos. I want a perfect search site.

Sadly, our serch site misses the mark and we are on the hunt to fulfill a vision of those things we would want if thinking of a move–even if it were a local one from Carlsbad to San Marcos or Del Mar. And even if we weren’t considering a move, I could probably get pleasurably lost for hours in stats and data like that.

And as I sit here writing, I am posting a personal deadline and committing that this San Diego and Carlsbad real estate site is going to be loaded with the kind of information and data I want…by year’s end.

It’s said that if you are serious about a commitment, you should make it public or at least share with significant others. I am also sharing it with you.

Today, this morning, my own search for a solution begins! And hopefully in the months to come, you will have a better way to search homes for sale in San Diego.

Update: And here is the perfect search site for San Diego homes for sale. Just enter your search criteria in the bar below: