Oceanside Terraces and $1000 Costco Card


Oceanside Terraces at 301 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA has to the potential to be one of the hottest coastal real estate deals in San Diego–and you could end up with a $1000 Costco gift card to boot !

On Sunday, July 19 individual units in the Oceanside Terraces condo development are slated to go to auction at the Carlsbad Sheraton Hotel. Eve Sieminski, Scott, Mike and others have spent the last 15 months representing the builder and this project and know it inside and out. We know the best units–and also have a very good idea where successful bidding might start. Additionally, we are intimately familiar with other developments that are slated for the parking lots in front of Oceanside Terraces.

For example, how about a 1947 square foot corner unit that will NOT lose its current ocean view–and that just might be had for a minimum bid of $295,000??? This represents a 61 percent price reduction from the original asking price of $759,900! (We only wish we could have had these prices–and financing–when we were selling these residences).

We met earlier this week, and have decided to offer a $1000 Costco gift card to buyers whom we (Eve, Mike, Scott or me) officially represent and who close on one of these condos with us post-auction. To qualify for the gift card, one of us at San Diego Previews must accompany you on your first visit, officially register you with the auction company, appear with you at the auction and accompany you to the closing table. Additionally, we understand the builder may be offering $1500 toward your closing costs.

It is also important that you be pre-approved with one of the builder’s lenders. Please give one of us a call to make an appointment for the registration process and to preview available units. If you wish to see prior minimum pricing, you will also need to sign a buyer-broker registration agreement.

If we both jump through the required hurdles, you are represented by San Diego Previews– and you are the successful auction bidder, at close of escrow you will also receive a $1000 Costco gift card compliments of San Diego Previews.

For additional information, call:

Eve Sieminski GRI 760-518-2264 (eve@sandiegopreviews.com)

Scott Murphy GRI 760-613-6190 (scott@sandiegoprviews.com)

Mike Murphy 760-402-9102 (mike@sandiegopreviews.com)

Roberta Murphy 760-402-9101 (roberta@sandiegopreviews.com)

For additional information about Oceanside Terraces:

Oceanside Terraces: Oceanside Urban Luxury

10 responses to “Oceanside Terraces and $1000 Costco Card

  1. Buy in a failed project with the people that tried to sell it to others at twice that amount. We know the best units….yada,yada, yada.

    Trust us now, we are going to help you.

  2. Billy: We had no shortage of buyers willing to pay north of $300 per square foot, but were severely hindered by lack of conventional financing. In the final months, only those with cash were able to close on their choice of units. Corus Bank provided underlying financing for the project and were “urged” by the Feds to liquidate many of their holdings. Hence, the auctions–and not only at Oceanside Terraces:

    Have you ever visited Oceanside Terraces? It might be worth your time. Nowhere else in Southern California can you get (at even the original prices) new, spacious (minimum 1738 sf) single level condos so close to the beach that are also fully ADA compliant. Additionally, the building is concrete and steel construction.

    Do we know Oceanside Terraces inside and out? You bet we do. We practically lived there for 15 months. It makes no difference to us: Go register with the auctioneer and check out the quality of construction at Oceanside Terraces and its west-of-Coast Hwy location. I think you'll be impressed.

  3. Sounds like Billy knows someting about this project. I'd like to know more. It's a foreclosure sale…right? Any caveats about this place?

  4. No wonder why it is the hottest for it is so damn beautiful, Unfortunately, real estate sales seem to be stagnate all over the world these days. It sounds like there may be an increase in sales for real estate agents over there, I am sure that will be very welcome after what many agents have been through.

  5. I know these were auctioned off today. Were you at the auction? How were the prices? How many people were there? Are they going to sell the remaining units if they didn't sell at the auction? We are very interested.

  6. Zeeru: The remaining Oceanside Terraces were auctioned off today at prices ranging from $405,000 to a high of $781,000 for the oceanfront penthouse. There were approximately 100 registered bidders in attendance and all residences were sold. Please email me privately and we'll let you know if any available sales fall through. I doubt, however, we'll see these prices again.

  7. Thanks Roberta – we have been down to look at them and for a moment considered coming to the auction. What is going to be built in front of them? how high will it be?

  8. Ruth, I doubt anything will be built in front of Oceanside Terraces for several years. Eventually, the Oceanside Beach Resort will be built–as will condos directly in front of Oceanside Terraces. However, most of the 5th and 6th floors will retain ocean views–as will all units on the south sides. Please feel free to give me a call at either 760-402-9101 or 877-818-8197 if you have any questions. Additionally and FWIW, I have just written a new blog article about the OT auction.

  9. Hi Roberta,

    I read your blog regarding Oceanside Terraces – it was terrific.

    You said we could request a better version of the handwritten selling
    prices. I cannot read the one you have posted and would like a better copy
    that we can read.

    Thank you in advance.


  10. Roberta
    On your blog of
    Oceanside Terrace you posted the prices that these units sold for. You also
    posted that if anyone couldn't see the handwritten prices – we should e-mail
    you and you would e-mail copies of the prices that we would be able to read.

    I have e-mailed you twice requesting this (this is my third request). I can
    only assume that you haven't received my previous
    requests for some reason.

    Could you please e-mail me the information?

    zeeru23@cox.net . Thank you – Ruth

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