Oceanside Harbor Days are Here Again

oceanside harbor days
Oceanside Harbor

by Roberta Murphy

Looking for some great fun by the beach in San Diego County this weekend? Oceanside Harbor Days are here again!

Why not head up the coast to re-discover one of California’s greatest beach towns: Oceanside — along with its famous Oceanside Harbor and its annual Harbor Days celebration. Admission is free, and the event runs from 9 a. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday (September 20 and 21).

Bring friends and family (and your camera!) to enjoy a fun-filled experience featuring arts and crafts, great food, games, vintage pirate ships, sailing competitions and more. Sponsored by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, Oceanside Harbor Days provides a great opportunity to explore Oceanside, its great beaches– and experience all of its exciting new waterfront amenities.

And while you are in the neighborhood, why not stroll over to the Oceanside Terraces at the corner of Mission and Cleveland–downtown Oceanside’s finest luxury condominium residences (with stunning ocean view penthouses). We’ll be there both days–and can offer cold bottled water and a tour of the complex between the hours of 11 and 4.
You might also inquire about recent attractive price reductions at Oceanside Terraces as well.
For additional information, call Roberta Murphy 760-402-9101 or 877-818-8197.

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  1. I had been there and it has been so much fun, the place is really awesome and pretty relaxing. My friends and I really had a great time with it.

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